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(French Newspaper)


Timoleon Mangus: it all

So the show that triumphs abroad, pantomime throughout the world who defends and illustrates ... the French language. Bravo.

It's funny, the sad story of Timoleon Mangus, presented by Laurent Decol Tuesday, as an inauguration of the Théâtre de Poche. She even, at times, frankly hilarious. And the show has so long passed the stage of running, one wonders if every emotion comes

to appreciate the written or improvised. It floats in a padded doubt.

In fact, she has it all this history. She has charm, impertinence, just enough to focus on streets, activism and spontaneous poetry to heart flower, not proud for two pennies.

This is the mime, how it is reasonable to expect this figure to Auguste clown white face. But it's mime and a little more. More than the masters of the genre, Laurent Decol those observed film, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and others.

In form and substance, the fate of Timoleon, who manages anything that he does (not even his death has since abolished the guillotine ...) is something altogether Chaplinesque.

No one is complaining, quite the contrary. This sad story has all the qualities of a good show one more: it is popular.


Jean-Pierre Govignaux