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The words of silence

The show has been created at the International Festival of Skopje

(Macedonia). Recently, it has been presented in France in several Drama Schools and National Stages. It has also been performed in the US, in many countries in Africa and in India.

The show consists of a succession of nine acts, linked together, for about

an hour and fifteen minutes.

The character is arrogant, full of himself and never uncertain, therefore ridiculous, pathetic and often pitiful… Obviously, his actions often cause laughter.

The Sculptor

An artist works on a block of stone with such intensity that he ends up with

a ridiculous tiny bit of stone.


The Park

All the characters one may encounter in a park (the statue, the lovers, the parish priest, the ice-cream vendor, the balloon vendor, the walker and his dog…)

The circus

The weight lifter, the magician, the sword swallower and the funambulist follow one another in that circus where nothing works well.

The Seed

To plant a seed and wait to see the tree grow, to cut the tree and harvest

the seeds, and everything goes on…

The Rock

A musician is miming to a prerecorded tape and nothing happens as


Society Party

To be invited to such a party requires being well-mannered and courteous, otherwise…

David and Goliath

The mythical confrontation between these two legendary characters…

The mask craftsman

An artist tries masks he has made, on his face, but one of them is going

to stick to his skin…

Curtain call: The Ball

Technical conditions

A parquet floor stage preferably (but a carpet will do), black or dark curtains.

A wooden box (black) painted or covered with fabric of 50 cm for the side, which can be easily moved.

A black folding screen the size of a door (Height: 2m, Width: between 75 and 80 cm), which must be easily moved and which must be heavy enough to stand up and also which will not let the light shine through.

Lens spotlights, depending of the dimensions; for a classical size room: 5 hang above the stage, 4 blue hang against daylight, 8 in the room facing the stage,

CD player or laptop + PA system depending on the room.

Next to the stage, a dressing room with commodities (water and toilets), towels, a few fruits, mineral water and chocolate.

The show lasts one hour and 15 minutes without entr’acte.

Possibilities to teach training courses for amateur comedians and dancers or professional (please do consult me on this matter).

Production Administrator

Laurent Decol

Tel : +33 (0) 9 50 26 20 71 

Mob : +33 (0) 6 81 09 33 92